Post-Quantum Security

Trends and developments in modern cryptography

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The challenge: Quantum computers break many of today’s standard IT security procedures

Just imagine that all the security measures of our IT systems are undermined from one day to the next. Hackers have access to virtually every networked information system and can manipulate data at their own discretion. The consequences of such a scenario are dramatic.

IT security today is based on problems that cannot be solved by an ordinary computer, or only with a disproportionately large amount of effort. This principle forms the basis of the modern communication society. If, however, a so-called scalable quantum computer can be constructed, many of these processes will be vulnerable and security as we know it today will no longer be possible.

The solution: Evaluating the hazard situation and introduction to quantum resistant methods

Assessing the threat situation and introducing quantum-resistant processes. Particularly in areas with a long deployment period, such as critical infrastructures or official deployment scenarios, it is important to be aware of the possible threat situation in the future in order to be able to take proactive measures today.
In the module, participants will learn how a quantum computer works and get an overview of the challenges for IT security. In particular, the participants will be able to evaluate current developments in this field in a well-founded manner. The module is rounded off with an introduction to so-called post-quantum processes, which will also be secure in the future.



Your Benefits at a Glance

After the seminar you will be able to...

  • understand how a quantum computer works
  • program quantum gates and simple quantum algorithms
  • estimate the impact of Shor´s and Grover´s algorithms on modern cryptography
  • apply post-quantum cryptography

This seminar will provide you with...

  • knowledge that is available to only a few today
  • up-to-date insight into topics with a promising future
  • exchange with experts
  • practical exercises

Information at a Glance

DAte On Request
Duration 2 days of presence
Learning objectives After the seminar, the participants understand the difference between an ordinary computer and quantum computers. They will have initial experience with quantum algorithms and will be able to understand and assess the impact of quantum computers on IT security. After the seminar, the participants will be able to find a way out of the IT security nightmare and will be familiar with current efforts from application-oriented research in this area.
Target group
  • Administrators who want to make their IT infrastructure post-quantum secure already today
  • Software Architects and Developers
  • Professionals and specialists from the high-security industry
Requirements Basic knowledge of IT security and cryptography an advantage, but not mandatory
Organized by Fraunhofer AISEC
Cost € 1.200

  • How a quantum computer works
  • Quantum gates and simple quantum algorithms with hands-on simulations
  • The impact of Shor’s and Grover’s algorithms on modern cryptography
  • Introduction to post-quantum cryptography, hands-on exercises on the topic
  • The ongoing standardization of NIST

Prof. Daniel Loebenberger

Professor of Cybersecurity at the East Bavarian University of Applied Sciences Amberg Weiden and Head of the Secure Infrastructure Research Group at Fraunhoer AISEC.