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Flexible. Simple. Anywhere. The latest technologies and learning methods make online learning in the Cybersecurity Training Lab a simple and convenient alternative, even if a seminar visit on site is not possible. In this way, you always keep up-to-date with important knowledge about IT security.

An overview of our online training offers is below.

Contact us if you need a tailor-made online offer specifically for your company or on a certain topic. Together with our experienced presenters, we would be happy to develop an offer tailored to your individual needs.

Glossary of our online training offers

Glossary of our online training offers

  • Online Seminar

    Our online seminars in the Cybersecurity Training Lab usually consist of several elements. A central component is web sessions with fixed dates in which interaction with the speakers and participants is very important. Another important component is the learning elements on our Fraunhofer learning platform. There, people can work through the content at their own pace using videos, graphics, podcasts, exercises or short texts. The content does not have to be completed in one session but can be worked through gradually. Each of our online seminars has a permanent contact person who accompanies you in your learning process and is available for content-related questions. The sequence and times that the online seminar and learning elements take place on the learning platform can be found in the seminar description for the respective course. After successful participation, you will receive a certified confirmation of participation.

    Combination of face-to-face and online phases, i.e., a tailored mix.

  • Blended-Learning Seminar

    Our blended learning seminars often start with the online phase. There, for example, you can first familiarize yourself with the content at your own pace and get to know or refresh the basics. For this, you are given access to our learning platform where you will find learning material created for you. In the subsequent attendance phase, the focus is then on the practical exercises in the learning laboratory

  • On-demand courses

    For those who want to acquire new knowledge at any time without fixed dates, we offer on-demand courses. You can start the online on-demand courses at any time and work on them at your own pace. The learning content is designed interactively so that information alternates regularly between exercises and applied tasks.

    If you have any questions, the subject matter experts and tutors are available in regular, live online consultation hours or via email and in forums. After successfully completing all tasks, you will receive a corresponding confirmation of participation.

On Demand Course (in cooperation with University4Industry)

Security in Embedded Systems

In the context of the increasing digitalization of our world, embedded systems are becoming more widespread and networked. On the one hand, this online course provides an overview of what embedded systems are, why they are particularly worthy of protection and what needs to be taken into account. On the other hand, the dangers for the security of embedded systems in the areas of hardware and software are examined. In addition, typical problems and weaknesses in development as well as secure development processes are presented.

On Demand Course (in cooperation with University4Industry)


In individual skills, you can deepen your knowledge of blockchain technology as needed: From an overview with the most important facts in a nutshell to possible applications of blockchain technology to technical basics and security aspects of blockchain.

On Demand Course (in cooperation with University4Industry)

Industrial Demonstrator Attacks & Tools

Attacks on industrial plants underline the importance of IT security for industrial production. What are the most common threats? What could actually happen if an industrial system is attacked? Answers to these questions can be found in our short online skill in English.

On Demand Course (in cooperation with University4Industry)

5G Technology

In this course, you will be introduced to 5G technology. You will learn what the term "5G" means and discover the 5G infrastructure, technology, and typical industrial applications. Details about campus networks and the connection to edge technology are also part of this course as well as security aspects of 5G.

On Demand Course (in cooperation with University4Industry)

Cyber Security for the Energy Sector

IT security in the energy sector is an important topic in the course of digitization. In this extensive online skill, you will learn from real examples how real attacks on critical infrastructures work and what countermeasures you can take.