Security assessment for networked IoT products

Assessment of the IT security concept for networked IoT products

Are you working on a product or service and would like to assess the security level? Does your current IT security concept meet the desired requirements or did you miss vulnerabilities? In this workshop, scientific security experts will review your (upcoming) IoT product. Together, relevant sub-areas will be identified and discussed. You will receive individual recommendations that you can implement directly.

IoT products
System assessment

The challenge: IT security in complex systems

Does your system consist of different components, from embedded systems to mobile applications and cloud applications, which require IT security expertise in different areas?

Are you looking for expertise in all sub-areas for a comprehensive situation assessment?

The solution: security concept analysis and evaluation

The workshop addresses individual companies and allows to discuss a specific or upcoming product, concept or service with an individual selection of IT security experts in all relevant sub-areas to get an external expert view. You receive immediate recommendations that you can take into implementation.

It also identifies aspects that need to be analyzed more deeply to meet the desired requirements. To ensure open communication and exchange, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is recommended


Your advantages at a glance

After the workshop you can...

  • implement concrete recommendations for the security of your products immediately
  • assess which areas of your system need a deeper analysis
  • precisely plan the next steps to improve your information security

This workshop offers you...

  • an intensive exchange with IT security experts for embedded, networked systems, mobile applications up to cloud applications
  • a sound assessment of the security of your systems, products or services

Type of event
Certificate of attendance
Dates, registration deadline and location
  • on demand online or in presence
1 - 2 Days (see also »Content and Expiration«)
by arrangement
  • Managers
  • skilled workers and specialists
  • Project managers and technical managers of various sub-aspects, if necessary incl. representatives of suppliers

The content of each session will be discussed in a preliminary meeting. Within the workshop, the experts prioritize various topics after a brief system overview. They moderate in an agile manner and hold the discussion on various relevant sub-aspects. The sub-areas are discussed with the workshop participants in varying depth. In the process, the experts contribute their extensive experience to perform ongoing rapid assessments of criticality. In this way, the entire system is examined within the specified time frame.

For your product or concept, senior security analysts develop useful recommendations for action to improve your information security. In addition, the experts create a roadmap to support you in implementing the recommended measures after the workshop.


  • Hardware attacks and penetration testing
  • Embedded and networked systems
  • Software security
  • Operating system security
  • Trusted Computing
  • Communication security
  • Mobile applications
  • Web technologies and cloud infrastructures
  • concrete implementation recommendations for immediate utilization
  • Sound situation assessment and initial approach planning by senior security analysts of Fraunhofer AISEC, tailored to your company

Senior security analysts with management experience from Fraunhofer AISEC.